I understand the trust that goes into hiring a lawyer. You place your confidence in me to protect your home from inconsiderate insurance companies. It is your confidence, and the underdog nature of the competition, that motivates me. I believe it is only fair to reciprocate, which is why I work on a contingency fee basis. I get paid when you do. I’ll even front the costs of taking these companies to court.

It is stressful when your home or business is damaged and you have to select an attorney who you can trust has your best interests in mind. In a sea of cheesey commercials and billboards it can be hard to tell who is the best fit for you. As a life long member of this community, you can put your trust in me to fight for you. Insurance companies like to collect your premiums and not pay out even when your home has been damaged or destroyed. You pay the insurance company every month to protect your home, don’t let them keep your hard earned money when things go arry.

To make things easier, I collect my fees on a contingency basis. This puts us on the same team. We fight the insurance company together. I get paid when you do. I’ll even front the costs to retain the right experts and go to court.

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